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Why Debt Management

In current environment, business transaction is growing, however there is always a risk of not receiving your payments on time or can convert into Overdue/ Bad debts. This can seriously affect your business and shall impact business being liquidity is being compromised.
Also Credit Management Process is equally responsible which will allow how much to sell and what's the maximum credit you can allow to an selected company. Credit Management is a tool that any company adopts to control the risks involved while extending payment terms to its customers, which protects the accounts receivables, a short term asset that helps better your cash flows and helps the company at the time of availing loans and credit lines. No sale is complete if one cannot collect. There is no difference between being a Trade Creditor and a Lender, both are lending capital, one in the form of goods another in the form of cash
It helps to manager High risk or marginal accounts, especially those likely to get into financial difficulties, are identified and to take whatever action deemed necessary to safeguard sales to those customers or collect them to close them on a timely manner .

About CEO Biography

Mr. Sethi brings more than 15 years of experience in cross-functional arenas including Finance, Commercial, Legal & Compliance, Internal & Management Audits involving review of the design and operating effectiveness of controls, Investigation Assignment, Business Processes Reviews across various industries including metals and mining and includes developing layout of Management Information System (MIS), Legal Frameworks, and developing business process and accounting manuals.
He is a Bachelor of commerce and Qualified Chartered Account. He has rich experience in more than 30 countries and work with a large group specially in jewellery and diamond business as a Head of Legal and compliance. Primarily this role was in collection of debts and to ensure liquidity in company.
He possesses a strong business and leadership record and has a deep understanding of the debt management specially in Asian and middle east region.

Why S3G Debt Management

Practical advise

We advise our client with practicality on recoverable and no recoverable debts. This comes with a transparency in advising our clients. Even we advise on the best and unique ways of settling or restructuring the debts.

Due diligence

We advise our clients on after a basic due diligence and assessment on the collection case.

No collection no fees

For SME and small enterprises we offer them fees on actual collection of debt. Means our services are free till we actual collect the debts .

Unique ways of collection

Our methodologies are no more the conventional ways which involves just calling the clients. This includes unique ways of follow-ups and involving various participants, trade organization and financial institutions to build the pressure on clients to pay the dues on time.

In-house support

We provide an 100% support to our clients which involve hiring the right lawyers and follow up with them.

Continuous follow ups and weekly reports

We work as a partner to your business, this includes follow up till the debt is being collected and will also provide weekly reports which will help you to monitor the progress on the account .

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